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Spokane Wolfpack gives back to the community

By Maximillian Noll via WWFA webmaster, 04/28/18, 3:00PM PDT


Its always good to hear how our teams in the WWFA give back to their community.  The Spokane Wolfpack gave back to their community by participating in Comcast Cares Day which is an annual event where over 100,000 Comcast NBC Universal employees, along with their families, friends, and community volunteer in various projects worldwide. This year was particularly exciting because it marked their millionth volunteer since Comcast Cares Day started in 2001. 

For the Spokane region specifically, the Wolfpack partnered with SNAP (Spokane Neighborhood Action Program), Parks & Recreations and Blessings Under the Bridge. For SNAP, they had projects at their Fort Wright campus, East Central Community Center, and the Riverwalk Apartments. The Wolfpack assisted with improving the areas at the Riverwalk Apartments by spreading bark, building flower bed walls, painting, and had general clean-up of the properties.

The Wolfpack were encouraged to invite friends or family to attend with them. Most of the projects are kid-friendly and it’s a great way for the entire family to volunteer for an amazing cause. For Riverwalk there were about 200 volunteers between prep day (4/15) and the event Saturday on 4/21. 

From group manager, Amanda Callaway.....Oh! And those Allan Blocks were over 50 lbs and we were so grateful for your help (And Strength). We were able to complete the project, in the time we had allotted and a huge part of that is because of the Spokane Wolfpack! Could not have done t as quickly and efficiently without your help!

Thank you for sharing your story and representing your organization and WWFA.   #comcastcaresday #spokanewolfpack