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Pre-season predictions - Pitbull vs Raiders

By The Professor's Predicts 04/28/2018, 4:45pm PDT

Pitbulls @ Raiders

Washington County Pitbulls (1-0) vs Portland Raiders

This game is building up to be more competitive than many may think. The Pitbulls are coming off a 22-0 shutout over the Storm and have a solid core of players on both sides of the ball. Raiders lost in the PNW championship and are looking for revenge in 2018. After beating the Pitbulls twice last year, the Raiders MAY be overlooking the competition!

Washington County Pitbulls (1-0)

QB Patterson threw 2 TDs in their win over the Storm and also nailed an FG. WR Benintendi and Dorn caught the 2 TDs, but there were little highlights or stats from the running game! While the passing game was successful against the Storm, the veteran DBs of the Raiders should be a more challenging match-up for the Pitbulls! Can they get their ground game going to take pressure off of Patterson in the passing game?

Defensively, S Trevor Dye had 5 total tackles, a tackle for loss, and an interception for a touchdown and DE Jones lead the team with 7.5 tackles and 2 sacks and 2.5 tackles for losses in their win against the Storm! S Tyler Dye and S Deonte Shelton each had a forced fumble, but can they make RBs Lamar and Harris cough up the ball this week? While they pitched a shutout in the last game, I am thinking holding the Raiders under 21 points may be good enough for a win this week!

Can their defense hold up against REAL competition? Can their offense score on one of the stingiest defenses in the NW? Can Patterson FINALLY beat the Raiders?

Portland Raiders

The Raiders are STILL licking their wounds after a disappointing loss to the Kings last year in a TRUE NW championship! Luckily for them, the Kings disbanded, but the Mayhem and Rams have inherited most of their talent and look tough come playoff time! QB Schneider had off-season surgery and isn’t quite right yet, which means WHO WILL BE THEIR QB?

Rumor has it QB/WR English or QB/WR/DB Hunter will be at QB this week. Rumor has it QB Hunter will be the first signal caller, but I guarantee English will be waiting for his number to be called if the offense is producing well enough!  The additions of LB/RB Ireland, RB/LB Littlejohn, and RB Lamar to go with RB Harris means they have PLENTY of dangerous backs to hand off to and take the pressure off of the passing attack! Their WR core is deep and while WR Dickson is playing arena ball, the rest of them are legitimately not too far behind.

Defensively, the addition of RB/LBs Ireland and Littlejohn will add depth and rotation to an already stacked and veteran defense. DB is the ONE position they seem light at with only 6 on the roster and one of them their starting QB! Their front 7 will be nasty, so maybe they will be able to mask the lack of depth in their secondary. DBs Mitchell, Fesser, Grady and Johnson are solid, but after that, there is a lot of unknown after that.

Can they put pressure on QB Patterson and slow down the Pitbulls passing game? Will they get consistent play out of the QB position with Russ out? Can their offense score on a STINGY Pitbulls defense?


Both teams show up in full force with them being in the same market. Tempers fly, hits are HUGE and the game will be played with PASSION for all 4 quarters. Pitbulls offense struggles against the veteran and stout Raiders offense. Raiders offense is slowed without Russ, but the running game and weapons on offense get rolling in the second half. Pitbulls play hard and keep it close, but Raiders have too many BALLERS on defense to lose this game!

Raiders in a close one 24-18!

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